Chameleon Host

Chameleon Host is a tiny intermediary web application to Host Chameleon applications.

It sits between clients and database and communicates with Chameleon Application.

Its has a single job: getting requests, sending them to Chameleon Application, receiving back results and writing them onto HTTP response.

Chameleon Host can be implemented in any server-side technology such as ASP.NET, Java, PHP, NodeJs or any technology that has a SQL Server driver.

Currently, only ASP.NET Core Host is implemented. Developing Hosts in other technologies is under progress.


Chameleon Host ASP.NET Core is implemented in ASP.NET Core 6.0 with a pre-configured Chameleon.AspNetCore middleware in it.

It simply uses ChameleonApp provided in Chameleon.AspNetCore library.

			using Chameleon.AspNetCore;

In order to learn more on how ChameleonApp works, refer to Chameleon.AspNetCore documentation.

You can get the latest compiled version of Chameleon.Host ASP.NET Core 6.0 using the following link: